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"How to Train Your Smart Pet"

To educate, inspire, and motivate people…
Especially Children
Towards compassion, empathy and stewardship
For all living creatures…
Starting with our pets at home.

PALS2PETSprograms and products can benefit the lives of pets, children, families and animal-lovers nationwide. Utilizing virtual gaming and mobile platforms to build children's character (tomorrows adults) and family unity though their relationship with their pets. Creating educational VR|Mobile software developed by professionals in the fields of childhood development, family psychology, and human and animal behavioral sciences; these multimedia programs will enrich the lives of America's 80 million students.

The most powerful way to educate a child about the basics of petcare and animal compassion.


Behind everything that Pals2Pets™ does is this core philosophy: that compassion and stewardship for all living creatures strengthens emotional and physical development, and ultimately results in a responsible, compassionate society. We begin with our pets at home.


I am my pet's pal
Entrusted with his care
And I will never fail him
No matter when or where

I'll always be forgiving
If she makes a mistake
For I know they are loving
And think that I am great

I'll teach them all they need to know
To get through each new day
With love and care
I'll be right there
"Good Job," my folks will say!!


It is our goal to reward our youth for positive actions toward their pets.

Ultimately, the experience of caring for and training a pet in itself is the real reward. This is a vital step to responsible adulthood, and it is a learned process.