Shaun Walsh

Hollywood's Elite Said:

"He is a visionary who never fails to astound!"

For 30 years, Shaun Walsh has been the creative source behind over 2,500 of Hollywood's major motion picture campaigns... Now he has turned his creative and marketing magic to perhaps the most important campaign of his life.

"I became aware of the shocking evidence based on multiple US industrial, population and domestic pet databases (such as Statista, more than 18,000 sources). Facts show there are 30 million domestic pets born in America each year, 20 million are euthanized, but not before they suffer unimaginable abuse, cruelty and abandonment; closely linked with dysfunctional human behavior, domestic violence and child abuse. I envisioned we could break the cycle by creatng an ‘Entertainment Industry’ national organization to educate, inspire, and motivate, foste compassionate youths, and build childrens character and family unity through their relationship with their pets."

Toward this end, Shaun Walsh founded PALS2PETS™, Inc. a 501(c)(3) non profit, public benifit charitable educational outreach entity - for the purpose of preventing curelty to animals and individuals. Through PALS2PETS™ series of FREE - Positive Reward "Kid Smart" | &qout;How to Train Your Smart Pet", interactive, multi-level, virtual reality mobile game apps and video "Bad Behavior Correction" training guides; featuring "I AM MY PETS BEST PAL" and "FETCHING GAMES". We will promote and propogate our motivational programs produced by America's and Hollywood's best entertainment and video game professionals, positive reward domestic pet trainers, and Ph.D. Behaviorsts. PALS2PETS™ games will advance positive performance by developing youth goal-achievin, inter-personal leadership skills, with greater compassion and empathy enhancing child character development as responsible humanitarian role models, mentors and citizens in service to others.

"The way children treat pets... is linked to how they will come to treat people throughout their lives"



Shaun Walsh

Johnny Brower

Terri D. Long


Frank J. Marone, Ph.D.

Director and Founder of B*E*T*A (Behavior Education Training Associates); Certified by the California Dept. of Education.

Sarah Richardson, Ph.D. CPTD

Assistant Professor, Dept.of Recreation and Parks Management, California State University at Chico; Research, Human-Animal Bond

Sophia Yin, DVM MS

Lecturer in Domestic Animal Behavior and Behavior Modification, Animal Science Department, UC Davis; Award-Winning Pet Columnist, San Francisco Chronicle

Hilde Lechner, Ph.D.

Animal Behavior Modification


Liz Barownowski

Director of Humane Education, Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA.

B. Harlan Boll

Davidson and Choy Publicity.

Bob Ferber

Supervising Attorney for the Animal Protection Unit, Los Angeles City Attorney's Office.

Erik Friedl

Filmmaker, Recipient of the 2003 Animal Care Conference Excellence in Education Award

Lauren Wygant, CTBC, APDT

SF SPCA Dog Trainers Academy, AKC GOOD Citizen, K9 Sport Camps


Ed Begley Jr.

Actor, Ecologist, Humanitarian and PALS2PETS™ Spokesman.

Linda Blair

Actress, Proactive Animal Welfare Advocate, Humanitarian and Author.

Melanie Griffith


Steve Guttenberg

Actor, Producer, Director and Writer.

Tippi Hedren

Actress, Founder and Director of The Roar Foundation and "Shambala Preserve"

Lee Liebman

Board of Director for the Didi Hirsch Foundation, Mental Health Centers.

John Olguin

Founder of "Save the Whales" movement; Co-Founder of American Cetacean Society; Director Emeritus, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

Dick Van Patten

Actor, Founder of Natural Balance.

Sylvia Villagran

Morning radio personallity for KXOL "el Sol" 96.3 FM

"Mr. Winkle" & Lara Jo Regan

The Cutest Dog in the Universe!

"To the young child, there is no gap between his soul and that of the animals." (G. Stanley Hall, 1904)

We help shape childhood development and animal behavior.

Children have a special bond with animals. Studies have shown that by interacting with their pets and the process of training them, children may become more compassionate, do better in school, and even become more responsible adults. It has long been known by those in humane work that there is a definite link between the way children treat animals and how they come to treat other people. Pets at home can actually benefit a child's physical and emotional development.

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